1. General Provisions

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter – the "Agreement") specifies the terms and conditions of using materials and services of the Website (hereinafter – the "Website") and is concluded between FSUE "NAMI" (hereinafter – the "Administration") and you (a natural person – an Internet user) (hereinafter – the "User") who gained the access to materials and services of the Website. For the purposes of this Agreement, the Website shall mean the Internet resource with the domain name containing data on the International Automobile Scientific Forum – IASF-2018 (hereinafter – the "Forum").
Using of the Website materials and services shall be governed by the legislative norms of the Russian Federation. 1.2. The Agreement shall constitute a public offer, and the User that obtained the access to materials and services of the Website and also registered on the Website shall be deemed to have acceded to this Agreement and expressed a desire to participate in the Forum activities by having registered on the Website.
1.3. The Agreement may be amended at any time without special notification of the User. The new version of the Agreement shall come into effect immediately upon its publication on the Website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement. You may find the current and applicable version of the Agreement at The continued use of the Website by the User after any changes and amendments to the Agreement shall mean the User's consent to all changes, amendments and additions.

2. User Registration, Password and Security

2.1. The User shall have the opportunity to go through the Website registration procedure (hereinafter – the "Registration") resulting in the creation of a unique profile (Account) for the User.
2.2. In order to register on the Website, the User shall fill out the registration form available at In the course of registration, the User undertakes to provide reliable and complete information about himself/herself according to the questions given in the registration form and keep this information updated. At that, the Administration shall by no means check the User-provided information (hereinafter – the "Account Data"), bear responsibility to any third parties for accuracy and reliability of the Account Data and consider the User-provided Account Data to be the User's personal data.
2.3. After registration completion, the User shall use a chosen login (a unique symbolic name of the Account) and password to access the Website. The User shall be liable for the security of his/her own login and password as well as for everything performed on the Website using the User's login and password. The User undertakes to immediately notify the Administration of any unauthorized (not sanctioned by the User) access to the Website using the User's login and password and/or any security violation.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. The User shall observe the provisions of the Russian Federation legislation and this Agreement when using materials and services of the Website.
3.2. The User shall be fully responsible both for the content of his/her messages and for all information, data, text, programs, photos, graphics, video, comments and other materials (hereinafter – the "Content") published and/or communicated or submitted via the Website.
3.5. The User undertakes to:
a) never upload on the Website and never submit via the Website services the Content containing materials prohibited for distribution under the legislation, including, but not limited to the materials promoting pornography, cult of violence and cruelty, pornographic or extremist materials;
b) respect third parties' rights, including the rights of authors and holders of the rights to respective intellectual activity results (use of the Website materials without right holders' consent shall not be allowed; it is necessary to sign license contracts (to obtain licenses from right holders) for legitimate use of the Website materials), when sharing the Content on the Website;
c) when using the Website services, it's not allowed to unreasonably diminish one's honour, dignity, business reputation, to share messages and comments with defamation, rude and offensive phrases and sentences;
d) when citing the Website materials including the copyrighted author's works, it is obligatory to indicate a link or reference to the Website (Article 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).
3.6. The User admits that the Administration shall have discretion to either suspend or terminate the User's registration to the Website, to refuse the User to share the Content, to delete any Content shared on the Website services without any notification of the User and without giving any reason.
3.7. The Administration shall be entitled to change the Website Content at their sole discretion.

4. Work with Databases and Website Services

4.1. The User admits that in case the User enters his/her personal data and/or details of any personal data owner during the registration to the Website or updating of the Website databases (in case the User has such rights and powers), the User makes such details available to any unspecified persons (available to the public).
4.2. The Account may be removed (deleted) by the Administration at any time. The Administration shall not be obliged to provide the User with a substantiation and (or) explanation of reasons for removing (deleting) the Account.
4.3. The Website Administration shall not guarantee the User the opportunity to participate in the Forum, such opportunity shall be defined by the conditions and rules for the Forum participation established by its organizers. The User also agrees that the organizer of the Forum, in which the User desires to participate by having registered to the Website, may make an inquiry, if his/her desire to participate is still relevant, also by sending him/her official messages and giving him/her official calls.

5. Rights to the Objects of Intellectual Property

5.1. The copyright to materials shared on the Website shall belong to the Administration or persons that provided and (or) shared the materials. The User may not copy, reproduce, distribute and otherwise use text, photo and video materials of the Website, as well as the database placed on the Website, for commercial purposes without concluding a written agreement with the Administration or a respective copyright holder.

6. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

The User shall agree that:
6.1. The Administration shall not guarantee the User that the Website meets his/her specific purposes.
6.2. The Administration shall not guarantee that the Website services will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and correctly, that results, which may be obtained by the User, will be exact and reliable. The Administration reserves the right to close any of the Website services at any time.
6.3. The Administration shall bear no liability for:
6.3.1. any direct or indirect losses occurred due to the use or impossibility to use the Website services, unauthorized access to the User's Account;
6.3.2. violation of the law of the Russian Federation by the User, including violation of the intellectual property law.
6.4. The Website may contain the references and links to other Internet resources. The Administration shall not be responsible for functionality of such references or links, the content of external resources, as well as the observance of third parties' rights to intellectual activity results and means of identification used by other resources. The User is notified that the Administration shall not be responsible for User visiting and using external resources, references or links to which may be given on the Website.
6.5. The User agrees that the Administration shall not be responsible for and shall have no direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or incurred losses or damages related to any content of the Website, copyright registration and details on such registration, goods or services available at or obtained via external websites or resources, or other User's contacts, which he/she made using the information placed on the Website or links and references to external resources.

7. Payment

7.1 The Forum participation fee shall be paid by the User via electronic funds transfer. Payment upon receipt and invoicing is also possible (contract conclusion is possible).
7.2 The Administration shall not be responsible for the quality of online electronic payment services rendered to the User by the payment system, including faults and failures in the payment system operation, as well as for the payment system terms and conditions meeting the User's expectations, or restrictions, which can be imposed upon the User's actions by the payment system due to its rules and operation algorithm.
7.3 The amount paid by the User may not be refunded in full or in part.

8. Final Provisions

8.1. All possible disputes concerning the Agreement between the User and the Administration shall be regulated according to the law of the Russian Federation.
8.2. In case the court holds any provision of the Agreement invalid, it shall not result in invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.
The User confirms that he/she has read and unconditionally accepted all the clauses of this Agreement. Download in WORD
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